Judd Lofchie

An Experienced Real Estate Pro You Can Trust Judd Lofchie has a rich history of humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors that go beyond his experiences as a real estate professional. Some of his achievements include:
  • Alderman for the City of Aurora Ward 10 Aurora Facebook
  • Recognized as “Citizen of the Year” for the founding of StreetWise magazine for the homeless
  • Recognized as “Citizen of the Month” by Lerner Newspapers in Chicago
  • Finalist for “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Received the Martin Luther King Award from United Healthcare
  • Received the 2015 Community Service Award from the Compassion Foundation
  • Received a 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award from York High School in Elmhurst, Illinois
  • President and Founder of Aurora Business United
  • Founder of StreetWise Magazine
  • Founder and Principal of Aurora Property Law